Sunday, January 11, 2009

History Korner

Guten tag! (Hello!) The journey we at the Kreation Korner have taken in our ongoing quest for unrestricted kreativity has brought us to many new frontiers, both geographical and mental in nature. Our most recent discovery comes via Germany, the land of poets, thinkers, and Bosch Diversified Technologies. Our traveling correspondent Gabe Gabriel reports a startling new find for Kreationism in the form of an inspirational poster circa 1975.

Referencing our Korner-issued German dictionaries, we at headquarters quickly deciphered the message. "Die freude von" can be translated easily enough to "The joy of." What is most interesting, however, is the final word, "kreatenstalt." While no such term officially exists, a cursory examination of the term's components reveals "kreationism" as the only possible translation. The significance of this find could be of truly mammoth proportions, and raises many questions. Might Kreationism be a secret society as old as mankind itself? We don't know. Are we at the Korner simply the newest generation in an eternal continuum of enlightenment and sophistication? We are not equipped to answer these questions. Could we, the practitioners of Kreationism, be the most important, most intelligent, most revolutionary figures of this or any other time? Again, we just don't know.

Little is known about the origin of this artifact, other than a small watermark on the back of the poster, stating simply "Das Amakorp." Needless to say, ongoing investigation has been moved to Priority 1 status here the Kreation Korner. May the joy of Kreationism be with you all!

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