Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Komedy Korner

As I'm sure you've noticed, The Korner's kreative output this past month has been sparse at best. The economic discontent that plagued us so thoroughly last fall has once again reared its ugly face, to use a figure of speech. On top of that, we are under the constant threat of infection by a pig-born virus that is as savage and despicable as the animal from whence it came. Try being kreative under all that pressure. Anyways, with what little of our funding remains being put towards retrofitting The Kreation Korner HQ as a pandemic shelter (and, while we're at it, a zombie apocalypse shelter), kreation isn't exactly on the radar. With failure to kreate being a breach of our charter, The Korner's future has been looking bleak. But as luck would--and usually does--have it, a fresh, new kontributor has entered our midst with what will hopefully pan out to be a reinvigorating effect. He is a practitioner of humor named Dugg Focks. Our own Davin Krengel was at the Tsar Mart stocking up on Big League Chew and TGIF Mudslide Mix when he overheard Focks wowing the florist and several customers with his piano-wire wit. Requesting to be paid only in pieces of eight, Focks has allowed us to showcase some of his jocularisms. Accept his gift of laughter and don't worry about The Korner--we'll weather this shit storm. Cherish:

A man wanted to play a prank on his coworker, so he called up his coworker's wife and told her not to prepare dinner that evening because he and her husband would be taking a client out to dinner. Chuckling, the man set the receiver back into its cradle. After a hard day at work, the coworker arrived home only to find his wife did not have a meal prepared, so he beat her. [end of joke]

A Muslim, a Christian, and a Jew were all seated in the same row on a flight from Chicago to Boston. The Christian, who sat in the middle, took up both arm rests for nearly the entire flight. When the plane landed, the three men parted ways with barely more than a polite nod. [end of joke]

A man walked into a bar and ordered a gin and tonic. However, because with age his tolerance had waned, he woke the next morning with a hangover. [end of joke]

A woman entered a hardware store to ask for directions to the nearest laundromat. Turns out it was right around the corner. [end of joke]

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