Sunday, June 7, 2009

Komedy Korner

This week, The Korner is pleased to bring you the latest from the hilarious jokeman Dugg Focks. In this cycle, Focks flexes his blue humor nuts. Due to the salty nature of his witticisms, we have omitted any potentially objectionable words. Although we at The Korner don't tend to shy away from colorful language--no matter how offensive in or out of context--even we have a limit. But don't worry, these jokes are just as funny without the potty mouth. You won't even notice it's missing. Savour:

Joke: What’s the difference between peanut butter and jam?
Punchline: I can’t peanut butter my [censored] up your [censored].

Joke: What did one [censored] say to the other [censored]?
Punchline: “That’s a [censored] [censored] you slut!”

Joke: How many [censored]?
Punchline: Twelve.

Joke: [censored] [censored]?
Punchline: [censored]!

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