Thursday, June 18, 2009

Poet's Korner

Greetings Kreationists! We here at The Korner hope you're enjoying the sun--preferably with the proper application of sun block (we recommend SPF 15 or higher). We know what you're thinking: what would be the most refreshing and yet nourishing beverage on a scorcher like today? Well, we'll tell you: a tall, cool glass of Chris Peebles, of course! With his latest poem--"Feigning Sympathy"--our man once again proves he walks to the beat of his own tambourine player. Metabolize:

Remember that time
your pet animal got
asparagus blight?
I said "sorry, I know
how you feel."

Well, guess what.
I didn't actually
I was only pretending
to care, so joke's
on you.

And that time a
criminal bludgeoned
you with a bag of
guns--I only visited
you in the hospital
'cause I was there
anyways for a skull
transplant and wanted
to see if you had any
cool scars.

All this time you
thought I was one of
the fourteen nicest
people you knew.
But I'm not. I don't
give a rip about you
or your pet. What is it
like being such a

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