Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What day is it?

This thing on? Ok, here goes. Hi, everyone, this is Gabe Gabriel and I gotta say, it's been a harrowing 48 hours. Granted I was in the throes of a fitful, dreamless sleep for most of the time, but I must say it was the best Kreation Korner b-day we've had this year.
The kommemoration of TKK's second anniversary began sunday morning with a no-host breakfast burrito bar. I went with a scrambled egg-white, chorizo, bell pepper combo with a whole-wheat tortilla. Simple, healthy and not too bad on the taste buds either--but I digress. Any-hoo, after breaking our fasts and grabbing a brief group siesta, we moved on to heavier matter--namely, a "birthday cake" kourtesy of Jawn Steighmeaus that was really just uncooked batter that tasted strikingly similar to Miracle-Gro.
Maybe it was ingesting a generous portion of household fertilizer or perhaps the astonishing 14 cases of Pabst Honorable Mention we collectively washed it down with. More than likely it was the terrifying nexus of the two. All I know is that the entire Kreation Krew sans myself is presently in a great, comatose heap blocking one of the HQ's Francois Truffaut pinball machines. I'm trying not to type too loud lest I stir them from their slumber. Before I sign off, I just want to say thanks from all of us for your devotion and support. Once we all regain lucidity and hose down the place we'll get back to voiding our bowels of top-notch, semi-regular kreativity.
But for now, I think I'll dip over to what remains of the cake bag for some hair of the dog and then rejoin my komrades in the karefree klutches of unkonsciousness.

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