Friday, July 30, 2010

Kommune Korner

We apologize for the konspicuous lack of new kontent as of late. As we quickly discovered during the past several weeks, it's awfully difficult to kreate when you're up to your adam's apple in moving boxes. That's right, the Korner Krew has put a down payment on new communal lodgings! Our new kreationist's loft is situated a stone's throw and several hundred feet from the HQ--easily within walking or penny-farthing distance. From what we can tell, our domicile is some sort of former light industrial space. It's a fixer-upper for sure, but we've managed to partition the two forward loading bays into well-appointed kwarters and repurpose the defunct break room into a makeshift kitchen. All in all, it's the perfect rough-n-tumble, derelict setting to inspire kreativity. Plus, it has access to a railroad siding for all of our shipping and receiving needs--so no complaints there. As the new saying goes: "a family that lives together and works together, kreates together."

Photos not yet available. Turns out you have to develop film before exposing it to direct sunlight. Live and learn. Stay tuned!

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