Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kommune Update

Today we sit down with chief designer of the new Kreation Korner Kommune, Steve Adore.

KK: So Steve, how’d you land this gig?

SA: Well, a few months ago I was walking through Downtown Boise when out of nowhere I was hit by a flying spoonful of oatmeal. Boy, was I steamed! But I soon learned it was part of a performance piece by GRECH, and, true patron of the arts that I am, I decided to take part. In between hurling assorted breakfast foodstuffs at passersby just begging for kreative enlightenment, GRECH and I got to talking about the sorry state of the KKHQ. When she mentioned that they were looking to relocate, I jumped at the chance to aid in any way that I could.

KK: The Kreation Korner is practically in the business of mind-, body-, and soul-blowing. Naturally, such tendencies must have a space in which to be brought to fruition. What special challenges did you find in designing the new Kommune?

SA: I went into it with mindset that I was designing this place basically for children – lots of soft padding on corners, safety glass, etc. So, erm, yes, what I did before laying out my floor plan was to imagine a group of large, potentially overweight toddlers on a constant collision course with kreativity. And while kreativity can certainly be enlightening, it also poses the very real risk of bodily injury.

As for seating, lots of bean bags. This way, during the next feast of fertilizer pancakes or whatever, the Krew has nothing to do but sit their asses down and focus on the matter at hand, whatever that might be.

And, of course, to keep one’s mind and soul limber and sufficiently blown, one must also attend to one’s body. So naturally, there’s a toilet.

KK: Now that the work is all wrapped up, will you be sticking around the Kommune or moving onto other projects?

SA: I don’t expect this place to last long without my ongoing supervision. Did you see what they did to the last place?

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