Saturday, February 12, 2011

Konsternation Korner

There’s been a noticeable lack of kontent these past few weeks and for that we humbly ask your forgiveness. But in our defense, kreating has been the least of worries. The least indeed. We here at The Korner have been embroiled in a krisis whose implications span far beyond the four or so walls of the HQ. Let’s start from the beginning...
Remember a month ago when we suffered the loss of our beloved kustodian Errick Walsh? Do you further recall the potentially nefarious circumstances surrounding his demise? Well, it sure didn’t sit well with us so we did some digging. Our staff hacker-cum-transparency advocate Damien Melange stumbled upon a digitized ledger belonging to none other than our supposedly benevolent financier Chas Murdoch. In this document, we noticed a troubling line indicating that Murdoch paid the late Walsh $250 US for something called “services rendered”. Who knows what this could mean? All we know is that it sounds sinister and that Errick died a week later. This is too coincidental to be an accident if you ask us. Do we think Walsh was paid to do something unsavory and was subsequently offed to keep his mouth shut? Not necessarily. But we believe in something called the burden of proof. We've been more than tolerant of Mr. Murdoch's kut-throat korporate ways in the past, but now we demand a statement regarding his komplicity in this despicable act. Errick Walsh deserves dignity even in death and, more importantly, the dignity of the entire Kreative experiment must be upheld. We await a response.

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