Monday, February 14, 2011

Perspective Korner

The other day we posted some strong words about our patron Chas Murdoch. Maybe our accusations were founded on some kernel of truth, but who's to tell? The fact is, things can get out of hand when you pack upwards of twelve kreationists into the cramped, poorly ventilated space we call home. What may begin as light-hearted kreative banter can soon spiral out of control. Usually this kind of interaction leads to some truly kutting-edge output, but it seems this time we forgot ourselves and attacked the one man who makes our operation possible. We feel that today is as good a day as any for this form of self reflection. St. Valentine's Day isn't just about massacring your opponents--it's also about embracing that most krucial komponent of the human experience: love. That's right. Love. If we can't love one another, then we're no better than those subversive agents who would seek to sabotage the mission of Kreationism. Cynicism and suspiciousness are easy mindsets to fall into, but they will only make us hollow husks of humans in the end. Thank you all for bearing with us as we wrestle with and ultimately subdue the monsters that dwell within us all.

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