Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Ubermensch Among Mensch

Today we bring you a piece written by Nash Stillwater, in homage to the inimitable work of Peter Doe. "Peter Doe," you may say, "but aren't he and Nash Stillwater mortal enemies?" Well, yes, but in an expulsion which will no doubt become a turning point for the Kreationism movement as a whole, it is time for us to appreciate our differences, rather than fall into petty infighting. So, without further adieu, we give you Nash Stillwater's first experimental commentary piece, entitled "This Is Not an Homage." Ingest:

So you lost the fight, big fighter. Journeyman kreationist. 'Journeyman' - a term that generally refers to a fighter without the requisite skills for any lasting achievements. And that's how I saw him. And see him. Hey, I'm pulling no punches here. The guy got me mad more times than I can count. Shitting all over my achievements, both literally and figuratively. You don't even know how many perfectly good typewriters I've had to throw away. So, you ask me, what do I think of Peter Doe's expulsion? I think it's about damn time. Now I can finally get some work done around here. Oh, you want me to say something nice? Is that what you want, Korner? You know, it wasn't just my work station he was violating... GRECH, why don't you check your Red #92 paint can? Or Gabe, how's about you try playing back the tape from last week's Trans-Siberian Arkestra soundpiece performance? What a bunch of chumps. I'm glad the sucker's gone.

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