Friday, August 19, 2011


As you know, we're always on the prowl for promising new kreationists. As fate would have it, we stumbled across one such individual at the Lobster & Theremin English Pub at open mic night last Tuesday. His name is Rasmus Wright, and mark our words, the music industry better watch its back. The sounds he generates defy description and even the konventional sensory inputs associated with music--maljohn swore he could taste one of the songs for a few bars. Turns out Ras lives just a few blocks from the HQ. How this flickering lamp of kreative revelation was hidden under a basket for so long we'll never know. But now he's out, and he's an inspiration to us all. He's a true kreator in the DIY spirit, never having stepped foot in a traditional recording studio. "I don't buy into that whole major label, mass-production model," Wright told us after his set. "I just use my Mac." What a neat guy. Anyways, here's his latest track, "Hotels Downtown." Discern:

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