Friday, August 12, 2011

Street Korner

Today, on this the only blog to adequately encapsulate the wonders of Kreation ( is written by a bunch of ninnies), we present to you a veritable grab-bag of ocular confectionaries. BLENKO reports back from his travels along the streets of Anywhere, USA, having documented his one-man assault on all things urban and bland. Here are a few choice selections sure to send you running to the eye dentist with vision cavities. The artist himself provides informative commentary:

"This one's a commentary on violence."

"My take on substance abuse."

"How I operate in the streets. I'm not necessarily trying for it, but hey, if my shit's the best, then what else can I say?"

"The streets are the only place where I truly feel the freedom to flounce."

"This was my father."

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