Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ahead Of Our Times

This afternoon, one of our stringers shot this image at the nexus of Idaho and 19th Streets in Boise:

These imposing, lithic blocks are engraved with what appears to be an attempt to brand the district in the western extremity of the central business district.  Not to say we told you so, but we kreative types were aboard the community identity train for this particular neighborhood as far back as 2006 with West Downtown helmed by our own Chris Peebles.  Look up "visionary" in the dictionary and you'll see our picture.

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onthedivide said...

This installation was created in 2008 (I think) for the West Downtown Neighborhood Association, thus West Down Town. Perhaps you remember that this intersection was an empty patch of asphalt before the traffic triangle was installed.

The blocks were designed for sitting and picnicking, and incorporated the Stickley letters and Craftsman style details to reflect the period of the neighborhood. The overall design was created with the participation of neighbors and cooperation of Boise City and ACHD. The plant installation includes regional natives and a purple-flowering black locust. Glad to see the blocks are still in good shape.