Monday, March 5, 2012

Kandor Korner

"When you read one of my can I say this in terms relevant to the digital age? Ok, let’s try this: imagine that one of my stories is a folder on the desktop of your home computer. Gazing upon the folder’s icon and reading its title may very well be a fulfilling experience on its own, but double-click on the folder and you’ll discover dozens if not hundreds of unique files within. Some of them are image files. Others are text documents--many of which are comprised of the beguilingly unintelligible characters of machine language. Some files you click on and a dialogue box pops up with the unfortunate news that an error has occurred. You might even happen upon a few sub-folders, adding further depth and intrigue to your exploration. What’s in these sub-folders?? Per hap nothing. Per hap they are locked, and nobody knows the administrative password. Not even me... 
Anyways, that’s just some of my material. Other stories you can pretty much take at face value."

--Jawn Steighmeaus

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