Sunday, August 26, 2012

Transcription Korner

Many, if not all of you, undoubtedly remember "Pennies in the Air Ducts," the landmark short film The Korner released on YouTube earlier this year. In it, we see Chris Peebles and BLENKO in a rare unguarded moment tackling the big issues of existence over the backdrop of scenic Boise, Idaho. Recently, our video host appears to have added an "Interactive Transcript" to accompany the video, perhaps to serve our aurally impaired followers. We feel they captured the repartee with the utmost precision. Cast an eye over:

0:13 dislike
0:18 i could be a pain
0:19 review ministerial than courtyard
0:23 received these notices wonder whether can't remember
0:27 carolyn didn't soccer club
0:37 that that was
0:38 part like i say like grilling like electric
0:42 want to know what you're saying
0:44 seeing those elected means it will be that ship on those buildings in the bag
0:48 what distinguish something missing
1:00 jennifer spotlight trace height light and flights
1:06 whatever boise tickets powerful economic my copy expelled like occupy our copy
1:12 sucks czechoslovakia often dog sorry that's like yours private rescue work
1:17 that's going to wipe it up with
1:20 like these
1:21 spell quit journalistic you know i mean i like
1:25 chances about that
1:27 the plane tickets
1:28 karen let's play for her pocket
1:31 minus staff here back recessionary times right in my backyard
1:37 okay
1:38 symphonies communists changed character
1:42 salzburg proper her
1:56 like to be like a bumblebee they also is
2:00 was nicole nears
2:03 why didn't he
2:05 the beads isis
2:07 be your return
2:09 be or not to be
2:13 that's my question
2:15 these words that really is and we think we don't even think about that but
2:19 they have white
2:21 meanings in their words inside of them
2:24 business-oriented reason convention
2:27 reusing and showing
2:30 they had to be convention really good huge pool
2:34 hi selection
2:36 suspect's attorney article except for her part
2:40 but
2:41 saturday
2:43 would help relieve the skies yeltsin's career
2:48 it's also finance planning
2:51 just drawing a line in the sky with political
2:55 different
2:56 it's up to you if you want to be contained underneath him more about that
3:00 yes let me know
3:01 livelihood
3:03 the meanwhile u
3:08 i really like i mean i did you ever see that movie
3:12 meetings
3:13 it's honda
3:17 it's like saying restrain him
3:20 internet site
3:22 just like
3:23 reality is what you make it big but these mental boundaries and we can you
3:27 can do and one of those is that we can fly at night
3:31 don't subscribe to that
3:34 it's just the doesn't make sense to me that we should like does bellies are
3:39 suffering
3:42 what is it really is saying there have been here
3:50 delegated
3:53 he's never

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