Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DigitaLP Korner

The Kreation Korner rarely hesitates to enthusiastically promote those whom we perceive as partners in our Kause. Rasmus Wright is one such honorary kreationist. We had the privilege of featuring several of his tracks on The Korner during the waning months of 2011. It would appear R.W. has been busy in the time that has elapsed! Just this month, he let slip his debut album upon that dynamic system of global networks that connects us all (internet). It's entitled "2&2"and initial reviews are astonishingly mixed. Although an early champion of the young prophet of Psychoamericana, venerable rock critic Rapaport Graves opined in a pithy capsule review of the album: "Quantity vs. quality? Wright's diaphanous debut disc lacks both." We gave Rasmus an opportunity for rebuttal during an exclusive impromptu hibachi-side interview at the "2&2" release party at the HQ last night: "The age of the Stadium Arcadium-length release is over. We're in the era of the Myspacebook and Microtweeting. The mercurial listening public's pendulum has swung toward the brief and I'm their humble least until I get bored." Only time will tell how history will or will not remember Rasmus Wright, but what we can say today with certainty is that we expended our weekly bandwidth allotment to post his album so please take a listen:

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