Monday, June 17, 2013

Header Korner

Greetings all and sundry, once in a blue moon we here at the Korner like to get a fresh take on our humble little we-blog. And being that we've been roped into keeping the drab floral pattern which is our backdrop (a binding contract with Les Bois United Virtual Wall Coverings, Inc., precludes us from discussing this matter further), we are given short shrift with regard to redecoration. Yet we have made the most of our limitations, ever striving to confront the Korner viewer with stunning, contemplative, offensive, reflexive, strident visual uncompromise from the get-go. And so it is that we present to you the latest Kreation Korner banner, itself rendered in an evocative kollage style. And, in an unprecedented move, the artist, one Boo Merengue, has presented a companion poem to be ingested likewise. Viddy:

Apocalypse in installment plans
Why pray now when you can pay on AAA credit
The death-cults will ride on digital wing
Belying their pretended ancient heritage
spam is king
And incidentally
the only food that will survive the fall-out

Don't smell the roses.

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