Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kollaboration Korner

Wake up, yon sleepy-heads, yon Van Winkles of this ever-expanding Kreative multiverse. If you thought that yesterday's post would be all you'd hear from these parts for the week, you are quite mistaken. Kreation, as with time, waits for no man.

Now, with the perfunctory what-have-yous safely in the rear-view mirror, let's get down to cases. Undoubtedly you are aware of his long-standing collaborative efforts with fellow Korner stalwart, Chris Peebles, seminal outcroppings of which have taken place in the environs of Idaho and Southern California. We are pleased to say that, in this case, lightning strikes thrice, this time in BLENKO's current place of residence, San Francisco. Luckily, one or the other of them thought to document the damn thing, and what we have here is each Kreationist's take on the occasion. These pieces work as a conceptual whole, and we have found that viewing them simultaneously produces overwhelming results, the consequences of which we will not be held responsible for. Lick it up:

Chris' Kut:


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