Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dogooderism Korner

Today's post comes from our pater saccharum Greg Purt. You may remember the bad business we had some years back with our erstwhile benefactor Chas Murdoch. Purt pulled through for us in a pinch, and apparently now it's time for us to return the favor. Though admittedly we're a little peeved as we were led to believe we'd entered a no-strings-attached sponsorship, Greg's request is modest--just a little plug for his company Buenos Dias Production's new health initiative. Let's get this over with:

Guten Tag,

At Buenos Dias Productions, pushing out quality family, teen and adult video entertainment isn't our only passion. We also care deeply about health. In fact it's one of the 19 core tenets in our mission statement! In order to promote a healthier world, we feel it starts with progressive companies like ours. That's why I'm so excited today to unveil our 20-33-49 plan. BDP's top executives have unanimously resolved to reduce sodium usage in our corporate office's cafeteria by 20% by 2018, cut refined sugar consumption by 33% by 2022 and increase our use of locally sourced, organic produce by 49% by 2029. 

20-33-49. It's proactive. It's actionable. It's bold. Change comes from the top and Buenos Dias is proud to be on the cutting edge making this a healthier, happier and all around better planet to live on. I challenge other business leaders to adopt the 20-33-49 model and prove, as we have, that good business is about much more than just the bottom line!

Best Regards,

Greg Purt, CEO
Buenos Dias Productions

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