Saturday, January 4, 2014

Koding Korner

It seems these days one can't walk any measurement of distance without hearing about coding. Coding, coding, coding! Should we learn to code? Is coding as essential a skill as basic reading or math? To gain some perspective on this ubiquitous yet elusive practice, we held a video kontest. We asked for submissions that vividly encapsulate the kultural importance of coding in under two minutes. The following is the only entry we received. We were hoping for more, but acknowledge that we are likely at fault for the deficiency as we totally spaced advertising. Come to think of it, we're puzzled as to how this "Cube A. Sick" character even heard about it. In any case, Sick made a pretty deece vid (decent video). We're sure it would have easily been a kontender for runner-up had we received more submissions. Input:  

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