Saturday, October 4, 2014

Photography Korner

Hello. Chris Peebles here. I must say I feel out of my element addressing you directly. Customarily, my Kreative endeavors are presented to you on this weblog by Gabe Gabriel. This lends the post that signature Kreation Korner "voice" while simultaneously providing a buffer to protect my charisma. Given our present Gabeless circumstance, however, I am glad to risk compromising my meticulously curated online persona to help ensure that the Korner continues to churn out a steady stream of high-quality kontent. To that end, Dear Reader, I speak to you today of my latest exploits. As you're undoubtedly aware, I've spent the better part of the past year striving towards purer and purer forms of kreation. But recently, I've reached something of an impasse. Sure, I've attained kreative nirvana, as it were. But once the bliss and contentment fleeted away, I found myself hopelessly bored and in desperate need of a new kreative tack. It occurred to me that despite the diversity of my many forms of expression to date, one common undercurrent was always an abiding avoidance of mainstream artistic pedagogies. This can only mean that unconventionality is conventional to me. Therefore, the only unconventional course for me to take at this time is to work towards technical mastery of a conventional, institutionalized artistic practice. I have elected to pursue photography, as it is a captivating, widely-appealing medium and is comparatively cheaper and less involved than, say, metalworking or large-scale environmental installations. Here are a few of my pictures so far, each exemplifying a fundamental photographic technique:


Rule of Thirds

Depth of Field

Motion Blur

Frame within a Frame

Night Photography


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