Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Komik Korner

Call it providence, or just the dull sort of born-again magic that hangs in spots over the environs of Boise, ID, but we are happy to say that our worst fears regarding kontent (or lack thereof) in the absence of Gabe Gabriel seem, in this case, to have been unwarranted. Today, we bring you the work of a new artist, who distinguishes himself by an odd ideological signpost that he calls "Creationism." (We know, wacky spelling, right?) Now, while we at the Korner are by no means fans of outspoken ideology and religion, neither are we types to get off on censorship (which, frankly, would sort of defeat the purpose). So when local man, Larry Garson, proposed that we publish some of his work, we thought we couldn't say no, because we have nothing else to fill this space right now.

Garson's attack is two-fold: somewhat secondarily, he proposes to popularize Creationism through humor. But more important, he says, is improving, by whatever means necessary, upon the work of a so-described "hack" named Gary Larson (eds. note: Larson was a long-standing artist known in some circles for his "Far Side" series). Does Garson's piece achieve either of these goals? We don't really know, and we frankly don't care. We have no dog in this fight, nor are we even going to get into whether we believe said dogs were borne by the results of pure biology, or by a sentient hand. Just look at it already, okay?

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