Sunday, November 2, 2014

Musik Korner

Hello, and a Happy Halloween to you! I hope that, in all the festivities, your preternatural fight-or-flight instinctual itch received its attendant scratch in a safe and morally incorruptible manner. If not, no worries! Because, with the gents we're about to introduce, you're in good company.

You may recall the ongoing archival of the Kreative Destruction music label back-catalog. Well, today we bring you a worthy addition to this pantheon of kreation. The Electric Alarm Clock hailed from Secaucus, NJ, their music no doubt infused by the blues bloodline that was and continues to be the Hackensack River. Hitting on the novel and never-to-be-revisited formula of combining traditional American blues with fuzzy distortion and vestiges of the emergent psychedelic scene, The Electric Alarm Clock made no splash whatsoever upon release. We at the Korner believe this to be downright criminal, so we unearth this ineluctable gem for your listening pleasure. Be pleased:

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