Sunday, November 9, 2014

Poet's Korner

Sleepers wake! Today we're elated to bring you a sneak peak at an ambitious project Chris Peebles has been working on since at least this past March. Chris started by painstakingly reading a dream journal he kept for the first four months of 2013 into a tablet computer's voice recognition system, which often misheard the dictation. Once the some 22 entries were sufficiently transformed and transmuted by the machine, Peebles moved on to the editing phase--breaking lines and adding punctuation to lend some rhythm and tension to the alternating lucidity and ambiguity of the text. "Generating the poems this way has been as much a process of discovery and excitement for me as it will undoubtedly be for the readers," Chris Peebles said of the project. "Plus it removes the burden of coming up with the words myself, which has become tedious to me of late." Always a pleasure to hear of the latest step in Chris' circuitous yet unflagging Kreative journey. Daydream:

The following is an excerpt from Chris Peebles' Untitled Dream-Journal-Entries-Processed-Through-iPad-Voice-To-Text Project. Anticipated completion date unknown.

Note: This passage is posted as an image file, since the blogging platform fucks up the meticulous formatting of the text. Thanks for your understanding.

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