Friday, December 26, 2014

Ahead Of Our Times Redux

Season's Eatings, friends and followers! Today marks a major milestone in the history of the Kreationism Movement. What you are reading on your screen (or printout, if that's your jam) at this very moment happens to be our 400th post! For our kwatercentenary installment of this esteemed blog, what better subject matter than West Downtown--one of the earliest kollaborations between Kreation Korner founders Henry York and Patrick M. Watson. It just so happens we're in receipt of some recently snapped photos relevant to this particular subject. They serve as a follow-up to an exposĂ© we did some years back on an incipient neighborhood branding effort in the district in question. This latest signage revelation provides further evidence that Kreators were telling it like it was early and often by designating West Downtown long before the madding crowd. Now, with 400 posts and counting, looks like the Kreation Krew is still on the cutting edge! Please enjoy the following images and reflect on our gratitude for your continuing support as you do so:

Intersection of 17th and Idaho Sts., facing NW, c. Mar 2006, as seen in West Downtown  

Approximately the same shot, Dec 2014, note the pay phone has been removed

 Pull back for some context

Pull back some more, 17th and Idaho signpost visible

Detail of signpost, West Downtown "placemaking" sign-topper visible. Way to go, neighborhood association. You've really captured the flavor of West Downtown with those several trees and that road surface and bicycle. Nice typeface too--really gritty and eccentric. We hate to stoop to sarcasm but alas, the deed is done.

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