Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Behind the Korner

Here at TKK, we're kommitted to delivering the finest kreative kontent on a more-or-less regular basis. But as our reputation has grown and the fan mail has stacked up in humble but noteworthy piles, we've felt kompelled from time to time to vouchsafe what goes on behind the scenes, to show how the kreative kielbasa is made. To that end, we release to you today a kollection of digital brainstorming sticky notes written by real kontributors on the dashboard of one of the staff iMacs. The notes date from summer 2010 until the present day and have been reformatted for ease of konsumption in the blog-post format. We are positive this material will serve as a peephole into both the khaos and the konsonance of the kreative process. You may even see some phrases and story lines that served as the genesis of some of your favorite posts over the past few years! Given the sheer scale this project, the notes will be meted out over a limited run of four posts. Relish:

Part I    

"issued" as an album
"you look centered"
baroque pop, chamber pop
stand poised
bildungsroman, epistlary
matters of the heart
pull a crazy ivan
wagnerian, operatic, gothic,
grand guignol

garden variety
venerable bean
peter doe=a modern day digger?-for graves raves
patter, motif

-every man has a monster inside
-kreationism is an ongoing spiritual adventure
cancel my appointments!
cart blanche

-leaks(Our in-house hacker hacktivist whistle blower Damien Melange)/konspiracy klimax (death of ew, murdoch, etc)
-CreationCon photo essay
-Off-the-grid/victory gardening/so many eggs!
-Cityville expedition

rich people going into space to get away. acting all elitist about the elaborate take-off protocols.
visceral, ass-backwards
problem with houses: too permanent, not enuff change

Is art a form in the platonic sense? Must it conform to the strct standards of the old masters? (Graves raves questions regarding hadley daughterson)

The following is sure to be a mind-fuck on the order of Christoph Noban's "Inspection".
summary execution
magnum opus
gravitas, "closed loop utopia"
cat nap pillars, carrot v stick

why 8 pm for dinner in all movies and tv?
'brain trust', elan
soup to nuts, proprietary
***********, glasnost
derrange your senses

For punchline: leaves of grass and laura palmer reference

"I could go on and on indefinately. Komedy's about the journey. All anyone wants anymore is to get to the destination as quick as possible."

To be kontinued...  

Note: for reasons that remain elusive and concerning to some in our ranks, personal information of a certain contributor was sprinkled amongst the above notes. Said confidential information has been starred out as it is exempt from public disclosure pursuant to Kreation Kode §509-87B. 

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