Sunday, January 18, 2015

Musik Korner

As Rasmus Wright continues to konvalesce after last autumn's ill-fated single release, The Korner wishes to demonstrate its continuing support for the ailing troubadour by showcasing a previously unreleased track of his. We didn't ask his permission to do so, but we're sure Ras won't mind, being the tireless endorser of the post-ownership online paradigm he is. Recorded during the Mtn. Lake sessions during the summer of 2013, it's an outing in which Wright "very nearly achieves the dubious status of caricature with his angsty, brooding young man pining away over the indeterminate object of his affection," according to renowned rock critic Rapaport Graves. Graves adds, "Is it sincere? Is it tongue-in-cheek? If I've learned anything about Rasmus Wright over the past three years, it's very likely both...or neither." Brace yourself:

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