Friday, February 20, 2015

Konsolation Korner

After yesterday's startling announcement from Jawn Steighmeaus, we're understandably a bit shaken up here at The Korner. Although we respect and accept Jawn's decision to kwit kreating, we remain in a state of kollective grief. At this stage, we're scrambling to understand our former fictioneer's impetus for this sudden and brazen move. Maybe he just had a bum trip. Or maybe he was legitimately struck by a revelation about the true nature of Kreation. In any case, the implications for our organization are far-reaching and the time for introspection is now. It will certainly take time to work through all this. But for the time being, the center must hold lest the very garment of kreativity burst at the seams! To that end, we present today a piece that will relieve our troubled minds and assure us that everything will be ok. Edited by Hadley Daughterson, it's entitled "Michael McDonald's Sweaty Neck." Be soothed:

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