Sunday, February 1, 2015

Side Hustle Korner

Just when we think we have Chris Peebles pegged, a revelation is reveled to us and reminds us how futile an effort it is to pigeonhole Kreationists into finite, arbitrary kategories. While we could make this statement apropos of nothing, it was in fact provoked this day by an inciting incident--the discovery of a new blog side project by Peebles hitherto unknown to his Korner komrades. It's called "Boise Splits" and it seems to be a field guide of sorts for an idiosyncratic style of squat office building such as the one housing our own HQ. We're not sure where Chris is going with this exploration of urban periphery, but we find it strangely transfixing in its uncharacteristically unembellished, bookish manner. Knowing our friend, he may well be laying the substratum for a whole new field of important scholarly discourse. Click:

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