Friday, May 22, 2015

Behind the Korner

Part I - Part II - Part III

pugnacious of loyola
hard up
wet nurse
"know what's what"
oxygen tent, lifestyle center
retcon gmb
bush league, bellwether

burnouts, chiaroskuro
guild the lily
shill, kanon, kloying
boise's a rat race, packin shakes, good lookin old ford, finless browns, quisling, rutting

Cloying, spartan, aplomb, appendant sects
Freemasonry, haute
Steed stetson-blood's thicker than water (whiskey) eschew the glitz of the townsite for the comfort of home, livable
delivery system


A man is real, not made of steel
Don't believe the hype
Our lives are in the hands of the pusherman

99 lbs soaking wet
white as a sheet
secret societies
gregg's anatomy
"you couldn't go to the bathroom? enjoy those days while they last."

mussels carnegie (or vanderbilt?)
delivery system, fight doctor, elevated language
the trades, ____game
gallows humor, blower
light under a basket
disembodied, nascent

biz idea:
compost, copper wire salvage
reap what you sow
kangaroo court
brick-n-morter korner vs korner in our hearts

damien melange=whistle-blower, kreative koninuum
paean, irregular dock
celebrate kreativity!

hearst albert
marv grayfunkel
alex baldwin
gives chase, fleece
b-sides and rarities
cloister, affectation
adventure, the next chapter of kreationism is yet to be written
street urchin
embrace the mystery
wholesomeness and depravity = two sides of one coin, hedge



Cleopatra isn't the only queen of denial. The other is Hatchepsut. Kannes Film Fest
WAM, hatchetman!
monkeyshines, brinksmanship
garden variety, order of chaos
"drank the koolaid"
a konduit for the kreative energies pervaiding the ether

To be kontinued...

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