Sunday, May 10, 2015

What's the Frekuency, Percy?

What's shakin'? Depending on where you're at, it might be leaves in the wind, salt dispensers, or, in fact, musical shakers. Enough with the stock pleasantries, though. Today we bring you an exciting bit of trivia plumbed from the media archives of one Mr. Percy Stankowski. This track , seemingly lost to obscurity, was to be the the opening track from the original soundtrack for Percy Stankowski's never-released 2012 short-form feature-length film, "Romance Is Difficult and Sometimes Leads to Complications." While that project never came to fruition, this track survived, hidden away on a CD-R that boasted twelve other tracks of comparable quality, but whose multifarious scratches revealed the unkind passing of time. While our technicians (that being Snap E. Tom and whatever cadre of nefarious cohorts he can wrangle) go to work restoring these lost tracks, we figured we'd give you a taste of what you'd been missing. Little is known about Grey Kitten, more may be revealed but hell, it's 6:17pm PST on a Sunday, so just get down on it: