Sunday, July 19, 2015

Poet's Korner

Today we bring you a truly remarkable specimen--a poem by Chris Peebles' estranged father Chris Peebles, Sr. The poem was delivered to us by staff archivist Gabe Gabriel after he discovered it quite improbably written on the back of a Nagel print shower curtain at a thrift store in Intercourse, Pennsylvania. The brief entry in Kreationism A to Z by legendary art historian Rapaport Graves describes him thusly: Active during the late 1960s to early 1970s, Chris Peebles, Sr. is best described as an unremarkable neo-trancendentalist poet who, like so many of his mediocre peer group, exploited the "flower power" movement to little acclaim. His self-important drivel has not stood and will continue to not stand the test of time. His greatest contribution to the Kreationism Movement is his progeny Chris Peebles, Jr., though the veracity of even this distinction remains a subject of heated debate among certain radical Kreative sects (See "Immakulate Konception Theory" entry, p. 134).  A concise bio, if a bit scathing. But we don't think this is such a bad little poem after all. Open your aperture:

"The Song of the Trees" by Chris Peebles, Sr.

Listen and learn
the voice of the breeze
tickling your ear, shaking the grass
as you lay melting
in the warm august sun

Listen and burn
the scaffold of lies
mix ashes with blood
scrawl new verses with fingers
on blank plaster walls

Listen and churn
like clouds in the sky
coalesce and disperse
your glacier breast heaving
your lightning eye flashing

Listen and earn
what you can't from a job
a mountain's serenity
the wisdom of children
the stillness of stars

Listen and learn
the Song of the Trees




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