Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Exhortation Korner

We are truly stoked today to present a new kontributor to The Korner. All that is really known about this kontributor is their name--Rev. Ambo Dais. Some of us here had heard the legend of Ambo Dais--an enigmatic preacher walking the earth, dispensing wisdom, but remaining unseen and unknown all the while. Religious historian Sister Crispin describes Dais as "a unique star system in the constellation of elusive, ambiguously-affiliated avant-garde persons of the cloth. Think Jesus of Nazareth meets Aleister Crowley...at a service plaza on the Pennsylvania Turnpike." Imagine our surprise when we discovered a request for an occasional blog feature from such a notorious figure in our lowly inbox! We're confident this first installment will do your spirit some serious good, even if you're sorted amongst the most sekular of our staff and/or readers. May the splendors of Kreation become manifest:

Multitudinous good vibes to you, Dear Entities. The primary audience for this sermon are those participating to any degree in the dominant culture of the so-called United States of America, but, as in all things, universal lessons may be gleaned. 

I offer you a reflection on the so-called Holiday Season...

What is a holiday but a day?

What is a day but a measuring unit of time?

What is time but an ocean?

What is an ocean but a body of water?

Are not many of you, Dear Entities, composed mostly of water?

Are you, then, not an ocean? A unit? A day?

Is not everything everything?

Are not all entities, then, a single entity?

Meditate on these things for nine earth minutes, and then eat exactly four Pillsbury crescent rolls, Dear Entity.

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