Sunday, November 29, 2015

Follow the [Thought] Leader

At The Kreation Korner, we value well-researched discourse on a variety of subjects--not just Kreationism. Any time our braintrust can be leveraged to assist fellow inquisitive minds in their quest for knowledge we're glad to help! We're not writing this post apropos of nothing--it is in reaction to an article from 2013 a staffer discovered recently on the Boise City Dept. of Arts & History website:

In the article, the writer gives a brief history of a local freight company who, at one time, occupied a railroad warehouse in downtown Boise which itself became a victim of the latest destructive swath of new development some years back. As it pertains to us, the article cites as one of it's main sources our own Chris Peebles' Loading Area blog. They even prominently used one of Chris' royalty-free photographs! The Kreation Korner and its family of affiliates are glad to support knowledge kreation on important subjects like urban history and intend to remain a free and public informational resource, all the while rocking your world with only the best in kreative kontent.

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