Thursday, December 31, 2015

Exhortation Korner

Unending satisfaction in life's endeavors to you, Dear Entities.

For those of you who observe the Gregorian Calendar, now is a time to "ring in the new."

But if I may ask, my Entities, what is "new"?
With you?
With the universe?

Wasn't much new back when Greg developed that "calendar" of his.
Locked us into this linear time trip.
I should know--I was there.

For my earthbound Entities, do you feel a sense of continuity with each complete transit around the sun?
Does a duck know what a 401k is?

Stars are hot to the touch.
Cycles are a fallacy.

For your pennants, cut felt into triangles.
Sharp apex.
Decoration is Entity's choice.

--Ambo Dais

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