Thursday, February 18, 2016

Exhortation Korner

Note: Today's sermon is actually a voluntary survey to encourage self-reflection and emotional growth.

If you feel so inclined, please ask yourself the following questions as loudly as you can as you gaze into an Art Deco vanity mirror, preferably shattered, and then softly mutter the answers to yourself as truthfully as possible:

Why do so many jurisdictions have speed limits but no wealth limits?

Can you really work to dismantle a system you disapprove of "from the inside" or is that just something you tell yourself to sleep at night, as the saying goes?

If I told you that the core aspirational objective upon which all policies and laws should be based is "minimize harm and maximize thriving for all entities," would you call me a dirty liar?

Have you seen Hail, Caesar! yet? It was entertaining without a doubt, but I thought it ultimately lacked substance when compared to the Coen Brothers' earlier canon.

--Ambo Dais

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