Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Video Korner

Sometimes, one is reminded of the impermanence of objects, of places, of life itself. In these moments wherein cracks are noticed in the facade of one's surroundings, it becomes abundantly clear that reality is merely a thin curtain draped tenuously over the void. Say, for instance, one is watching the Homicide: Life on the Street Season 7 DVD boxset checked out from the Boise Public Library Collister Branch. Suddenly, and without warning, the playback begins to skip and freeze and tile. The picture and sound are distorted to the point of compromising one's ability to receive, comprehend, and enjoy the narrative. Indeed, this is a potent reminder of decay, of entropy, of the inevitable demise of all things. A reminder that narrative can last only as long as the physical medium housing it can last. A reminder of the futility of endeavoring to define anything when even dictionaries are an abstraction. One's natural reaction to this state of affairs may well be gloom and listlessness. Rather than dwelling in despair over life's meaningless, however, one may find the lack of any knowable objective truths as an opportunity to create their own meaning. Yes, one may turn the "nothing" into a "something"--especially when portable video recording and editing equipment is readily available and user-friendly. Enjoy whatever this is (or isn't) while it lasts:

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