Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year, New Yacht

They said wordplay is played out. They said yacht humor is cliched at this point. I said, do you have a better analogy for jettisoning the baggage of the past year and starting fresh in the new? They said nothing. So here goes--as we prepare to launch from the maddening marina of 2017, let us remember to maximize our pleasure each moment amidst the unrivaled luxury on board as we negotiate the uncertain but navigable waters of 2018. For those of you without access to a sea-craft of any kind, remember that your mind is a yacht and anywhere you are--even dry land--is a body of water. My sincerest wish for 2018 is that all sentient beings on this or any planet may steer their vessels toward the archipelago of unity and assemble a fleet of harmonious coexistence. 
--Capt. Gooding

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