Thursday, December 18, 2008

Poet's Korner

Hey all you Kreationists and Kreationettes out there in Kreationland. Your friends here at The Korner have a special treat for you all: the one and only Cristobal D. Peebles II, aka Chris Peebles. Predictably, Dr. Peebles delivers his unique brand of unpredictable, subconscious-penetrating prose. Devour:

Sand is not nutritious
Nor is it delicious
Unless you have it
with BBQ sauce
My favorite is
Texas Chipotle Style
Damn near kept me alive
on that desert island it did

On the occasional day
when I was bored,
I'd call my insular prison
a "dessert island"
Kind of an inside joke between
Ol' Scott the Parrot and me.
We found it ironic because
there was no dessert to be found
on that gosh-forsaken isle
unless you consider seabird
feathers wrapped in palm fronds
an acceptable after dinner treat

On day 80 of my isolation a glass
beverage vessel washed ashore
It contained naught but a distress
document signed by some kind of
law enforcer named Sting
Despite the chart-topping syntax
I found the inscription pretentious
and dull

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