Monday, March 16, 2009

Komik Korner

This week, The Korner is proud to present the work of a recent addition to the Krew--Hadley Daughterson. We hired Hadley three months ago to assist with various admin at the HQ. Her deft propensity for assembling pencil lines on paper into art became rapidly apparent, as she often doodled indifferently on a legal pad rather than completing her assorted menial tasks. Recognizing her as the shrewd Kreationist she is, we signed her on to an unlimited kontract instead of shit-kanning her. Turns out we made the right decision: Hadley's inaugural entry flawlessly combines wit, grit, social commentary and good old-fashioned aesthetic value into an unrelenting mind-missile. Vintage Kreativity. We're plenty kontent--save for the open office lackey position (slide résumés under front door). Requisition:

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