Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kounterpoint Korner

Good day (English for guten tag)! As you may have noticed, The Kreation Korner's maverick kommentator Peter Doe recently issued some brutally articulate statements about England (the country), calling into question her kreative merit. In no way disparaging Mr. Doe's intellect or judgement skills, we--The Kreation Korner Staff--humbly disagree with his indictment. We actually have compelling evidence in the form of an image that proves that the entire United Kingdom (with the exception of several towns in Scotland) is in fact a vibrant outpost of kreativity.

This photo was taken by a Korner field operative in West London. The origin of the word "kew" has long been a subject of debate for academics and kreationists alike. As best as our etymology department (not to be confused with our now defunct entomology department) can tell, "kew" is an ancient Celtic word meaning imaginivity--which is, as a concept, startlingly similar to kreativity. Even more startling are the implications of this diskovery. How far back do the roots of kreationism in England go? Is this purveyor of nicotine and print media the last vestige of some iteration of kreation kulture millennia old? Or is it one of four or five vestiges, each one more shrouded in mystery than the last? What is clear is that the spirit of Kreationism is stalwartly established in the British Isles.

Nearly two months ago, we presented to you a German artifact bearing similar implications. We don't know exactly what these signs mean or when the next one will appear, but what is clear is that we are not alone in the [kreationism] universe. At The Korner, we firmly advise you--and all our readers for that matter--not to panic. Are these symbols of a sinister nature, perhaps the doings of an ill-intentioned worldwide konspiracy? We don't know. All we can do at this point is keep our heads up and kontinue kreating like it's nobody's business.

Hang in there,

The Kreation Krew

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