Monday, January 25, 2010

Peebles Comes Alive!

Recently, our golden boy Chris Peebles popped into The College of Idaho unannounced. Departing from his customary visceral, trance-like delivery, Peebles regaled the unsuspecting students with a modest, conversational rendition of some old Steighmeaus standbys. Peebles later expressed distaste with the audience's intermittent laughter at such serious prose, but was glad he "elicited at least some sign of life from those kreative invalids." The C of I may be the most reputable institution of higher learning on the 200 block of Cleveland Boulevard in Caldwell, ID, but Peebles' turn of phrase no doubt made this esteemed bastion of academia look more like an encampment of mental infants. Bask in:

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