Sunday, September 12, 2010

Letting The Days Go By...

It's been three earth years since The Kreation Kause first voyaged into the uncharted waters of the world wide web. That's over 94 million seconds ago! But enough algebra. The fact is, we've exceeded even our own wildest expectations--though some would suggest otherwise. Time and time again, The Kreation Korner has found itself teetering on the abyss of kultural konsciousness. Critics say, "does Kreationism matter? Is it relevant?" Some seem to think we've gone the way of the salad shooter. Well then let this third anniversary prove otherwise! In the next year to come, The Korner will prove that the world needs Kreationism now more than ever. The problems plaguing this planet have only gotten worse: the hungry have become hungrier, the disillusioned have become more so and pop music award shows continue to suck. We here at TKK are ready to reverse this disturbing trend with a blowing of the mind, body and soul the likes of which mankind has never witnessed before. To prove we're not bluffing, here's a frontal assault by none other than Chris Peebles:

"The Four Elements, Part Two"

drip, drip, drip

My faucet's broke.
My facets choke
my throat.
The varied elements
of my life conspire
to evoke unseemly

drip, drip, drip

Who cares what
life is?
I sure don't.
The plumber who nailed
me to this floor
was only doing his job.
The unpopular approach
is also necessary.

drip, drip, drip

His forlorn face said it
all, he was fettered by
his past.
No redemption.
Move on with previous mis-
deeds as a constant reminder
to improve one's self and
seek better tomorrows.

drip, drap, drep, drop, drup
and, on occasion, dryp

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