Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Poet's Korner

"Complementary Floss"

What gives you the right?

What gives you the right?

I see you over there trying
to hide your face.
You must think I can’t see
you but I can.
And I’m asking you:
what gives you the right??

What gives you the right
to treat me as inferior?
You can’t make me feel
inferior unless I give
you permission.
Eleanor Rigby said that.

You think just because
you’re a dentist you can
prod and poke at my molars?
And incisors?

DDS--those are just letters.
Two the same, one different,
like the chambers of my
amphibian heart--a heart
which you have broken into
countless pieces.

Like a shattered mirror in
the corridor of discontent.

--Chris Peebles

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