Thursday, May 5, 2011

Solidarity Korner

Gabe Gabriel here, reporting on an event that may just rip this whole Korner asunder, so that it is no longer a korner but simply two unadjoined walls, disunited from their kommon kreative kause. In the latest development surrounding the Banner Scandal (or "Bandal," if you will), KK kohorts Sprechen Sie Tronik have expressed solidarity with the mission of Nash Stillwater. In a statement released yesterday, and subsequently translated by our resident German impressionist, Herr Frau, SST had this to say:

"We will not support this injustice. The world expect our latest single for now two years, but will hold we without the collaboration of the Chas Murdoch our gift to us. It is your choice, Chas."

aTom, one-half of Sprechen Sie Tronik

Needless to say, SST is speaking of a track entitled "Rhythm Is a One Who Dances." Beyond the title, little is known, but its release promise to be a momentous occasion, the delay of which will have untold consequences. Things certainlly are heating up around here, and that's apart from the fact that Ronald Raygun has filled our rec room with seven working Softubs. Keeping you posted on all things Kreative, this has been Gabe Gabriel. Back to you, blog.

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