Saturday, July 2, 2011

Heads Up!

Hello, all. Today we present to you the long-awaited replacement to the shit-stirring piece of visual controversy that was Chas Murdoch's brand-centric header. Frankly, for all the outcry the banner received, it took a surprisingly long time for anyone to pony up and kreate a replacement. And in fact, the new banner didn't even come from any single Kreationist, per se. Truthfully, the graphic you now see riding atop this galloping thoroughbred of a blog was created with a beta application that we at the Korner have been working on, which approximates the unbridled spontaneity of kreation through a calculated sequence of pre-ordained operations, each step in the process leading inexorably to the next. Here's how we propose the app ended up with that as its final product: first, it randomly selected an image from which to derive a concept; then, it stretched that image across the required header size, thereby rendering said image unintelligible; next, it chose a semi-coherent pop-culture reference and tweaked it so as to appear at once aware and apathetic. Were it not for the Kreation Korner label stamped on there, we'd have a few things to say about this thing, but since it does as good a job as any other image of making clear just what blog you're now visiting, we're happy with it.

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