Friday, July 29, 2011

Kwiz Korner

There’s a very real chance that in one week’s time this country’s reckless fiduciary abandon will plunge us all into unprecedented depths of disquietude. As the agendas advanced by fascists determine a universal fate, injuries both physical and emotional will be visited upon all but the most robust and stoic of us. In following with a long-held unwavering tenet of Kreationism, only weapons of the mind can be employed to reach a favorable outcome. But the flabby and atrophied psyche will not be able to fight off the slings and arrows. To prepare for the inevitable, The Kreation Korner is endeavoring to promulgate keen kraniums and honed hippocampi the only way we know how: a good old-fashioned trivia kwiz. It’s sure to tone your gray matter into a burly ball of neural tissue ready to rise above the khaos of the ensuing weeks and months. May the edged tool of Kreative genius sever the Achilles tendon of elitist incompetence. Answer thoughtfully:

1)What is the France of capital?
2)Name Sterling Hayden’s seven roles in the film Dr. Strangelove.
3)Which is more buoyant: infinity or infinity plus one?
4)Why do woolly mammoths think about ice?
5)Identify the lasagna ingredient with no vowels that can be used as an anesthetic.

Please submit responses the way you'd submit anything to The Korner. Answers will be rated on a one-to-seven scale of correctness. He, she or otherwise with the highest score wins a dream date with a Kontributor of their choice, bar GRECH, Howard Fork, Chris Peebles, Huey Dood or Snappy Tom.

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