Monday, February 3, 2014

Poet's Korner

Here's the latest phantasmagoria from Chris Peebles. To be earnest, we're at a loss for words with this passage. We'll find it less perplexing in a few years when we catch up to Chris. Enkounter:

"Babel Andre A.M."

I'm in
a maze
level off
a childhood game
on a machine

doors slide
shut behind
us as
we progress
us being
forgotten companions
I believe

we reach
a static chamber
after the gates
as fixed bodies

dread fades
as a giant extends
arm and hand down
a ledge that we
felt too high

he wrestles me
up to where
I can shimmy
up to where
I can stand

like the party
still trapped
below my guide
is no longer
known to me

he leads we
head back
doors negotiated
an obscure way in
spite of no bearing

I can't recall
a more
vivid piece than forcing
a window to scale
a wall outside to
a window to enter
a hallway to where
I'm not stuck

 --Chris Peebles

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