Sunday, February 9, 2014

Poet's Korner

Today, we hesitantly bring you a "poem" by our benefactor Greg Purt, his first-ever stab at Kreation. Ah well, we suppose it doesn't hurt to let our patron hold kourt every once in a while. Glance over:

"Take my Card, Any Card"
By Greg Purt with Chris Peebles

I am entitled to one
     drink at the networking

I am an American

I am a good person

I'm a credit to
     my species
     A whole line of credit

I run on a track
     and never stop

I am entitled to one
     drink at this networking

It is my right, my privilege

I will be received

I will be redeemed

I will slap the side
     of the Zenith

I will present this ticket to
     the bar attendant
     Soda water, please,
     with a lime

For I am entitled to one
     goddamn drink at this network-ass

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