Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[Guerilla] Kreation Korner

Good evening, Kreation Konnoisseur. Huey Dood here. Just writing to report to you a kurious incident which okkurred earlier today. It all started when I popped into the Tsarbucks for my kustomary seven-shot decaf blended mochiatte when I happened upon the “zine” pictured below on one of the modernist coffee tables. It appears to be a nightmarish, alternate-universe promotional brochure for economic development in Boise City. A pretty cool, if a bit brief, read. As I finished flipping through its few pages, I was unpleasantly surprised to notice the Korner's kopyright notice slapped on the back kover. As TKK's self-styled brand manager, I fail to see how this unauthorized pamphlet slipped through my rigorous web of internal kontrols. Therefore, there can only be one explanation: some rogue Kreationist has jacked our steez. The good news is that this zine happens to be very much within the realm of what we konsider to be Kreation. Plus, it serves as a valuable piece of free kontent marketing for our Kause. Keep your eyes peeled at coffee spots, bus benches and wherever else free publications are placed in the capital city for your copy today!

 Front cover:

An inner spread:

Back cover:

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